Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Heading into another pop-art phase, because I'm a writing teacher again; I grade endlessly, fall asleep grading, and, in order to have any time to myself at all, take a few minutes to do pop-art between stacks. But have noticed that blogger is taking digital camera pictures, and storing them quite poorly. The picture, or the pop art, or whatever I make or do, doesn't look so good when blogger takes it and stores it temporarily on the blog system. Maybe it's their way of discouraging use of that free service. Maybe it's enough that they give you billions of blog-kilobytes, free, virtually no questions asked. It's not like I'm complaining; google is my friend.

I did, however, get off my lazy backside, and start taking my own photos, so now I have a crisis related to where to put them, how to store them. fotopic is good for social stuff, stuff I don't mind showing, but maybe I need other places too; stuff where whole bundles can be placed and kept safely. hmmm.

Still mulling over some of AW's ideas. Get art out to the masses. Choose a medium that makes art really spread. Take icons; play on the common person's idealization of reality. Put everything into every picture; don't hide stuff, or make deep, hidden meanings. Let the art put the whole thing on the table.

Not sure if that's how AW would put it, but, after all, I've been influenced by Actualism. One doesn't need a course in Greek philosophy to participate.

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