Saturday, January 28, 2012

so google announces that it's going to shut down picnik; but, i didn't even realize google owned picnik. i have, however, started a picnik retrospective, or at least, a picnik celebration. if we still have it until april, then the least we can do is enjoy it quick, like a good set of oil paints that you know will go bad the minute you walk away. from now until april, that isn't really such a long time. so, we'd better get started.

sometimes i feel somewhat shallow, taking these really clear photographs, some of which i took myself, and reducing them to posterized kinds of blotchy color and unclear expression. occasionally you get these situations where you have just enough tantalizing detail, but most of the time you take perfectly good clear images and turn them into romanticized splotchy color. but picnik offers other things, and it's also making everything available until april, so, we'll see what we can make of it. more later!