Wednesday, October 1, 2008

a.w. notes from a grainy pocket

I set about reading a little about A.W., and was influenced by two articles which I stumbled upon, and then which spent two months, more or less, in my pocket. Now however I am cleaning out my pocket, and will continue to put some of the things I've found about A.W. in this blog and, if I get time, develop it a little.

A biography of Andy Warhol. (n.d.). Andrew's Art Archive. Accessed 7-08.

"Warhol mocked art..." (par. 3)
"The repetition and crude synthetic colour are the instruments of a moral and aesthetic blankness that has been deliberately contrived. Warhol had an obsession for boredom..."(par. 4)
"Warhol not only wanted to turn the trivial and commonplace into art, but also to make art itself trivial and commonplace. Warhol applies the criterion of 'quantity as quality' to people as well as to consumer articles." (par. 9)

Churchwell, S. (2007, May 29). Too many Marilyns. Guardian, commentisfree.,,2090030,00.html. Accessed 10-08.

"Warhol's coloured Marilyns are some of the most recognisable, and valuable, 20th century works of art, each now worth about the same as a Van Gogh." (par. 2)
"Using a publicity photo advertising Niagara, a 1953 film, Warhol launched his career over Marilyn's dead body." (par. 5)
"It is not pious nostalgia to point out that we are evacuating our values of meaning: reputation once meant character; fame once meant honour. The old studio system was no slouch at exploitation, but Hollywood once made movie stars by creating franchises out of personality; now it creates franchises out of spin-offs. We live in a world of derivatives, and Warhol's many Marilyns helped get us there. The price we continue to pay for them is not really &14m. It's that we can no longer tell the difference." (par. 7)

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