Monday, December 8, 2008

blogger & the artist's easel

My problem here is that I've been using blogger to store temporary pictures, to decide if I like them enough to save them and hang onto them. And to some degree, it's worked fine. They sit on my blog for a few days; I open the blog several times; in the course of those days I either keep liking them, or give up on them and let them go. Letting them go often means letting them sit in the blog indefinitely, as opposed to storing them in a place where I'm more likely to have active use, more likely to pick and use them.

Now here's the problem. Even with my weak and weakening eyes I can tell that blogger is skinflinting on the pixels. In other words, in order to save space, blogger has been reducing everything it's asked to store, since it's just on the free blogs anyway. It's actually a problem I've noticed on the wider web too. Really nobody likes to store the really big-bundled pictures, even though they are clearer; they take up tons of space. And on a daily basis it's even hard for some computers to grab them and focus them; for blogger, carrying a lighter-bundled picture might mean that people like me are aggravated about their vagueness, but Joe OldPC out in the bad-(connection)-lands can at least get his weblog-view in under five minutes. And it will keep him on blogger, using the carousel, taking the world tour of blogs.

So for me, the question becomes: what can I use as a desktop, where I can look at my pictures, mess with the colors, decide if I'm done or not? The actual computer desktop now has hundreds, and I can't see them all, because they have little icons instead of thumbnails. But even the thumbnails wouldn't work for the purpose I'm talking about. I'm actually better off using my photo storage itself- and I've had some trouble here too- to have a place where I can open them up and take a look at their color.

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